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Malden Air Force Base
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Eastern Flying Training CommandThe Malden Army Airfield Preservation Steering (MAAPS) Committee welcomes your visit! MAAPS honors all those who serve their country, past and present, and is devoted to the preservation of the Malden Army Airfield and honoring all Veterans. Come visit us at Malden's Industrial Park and Regional Airport. Our website will bring back memories as well as keep you informed of our projects and events. It's also our way of saying "Thank You.

              With our deepest appreciation from the Volunteers of MAAPS
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THE LEGEND CONTINUES! MAB/AAA friends please join us for the September 1, 2017 Luncheon to enjoy good food and fellowship. Feel free to contact us any time at 573-276-2279 or by email at

While in Malden, please consider picking up a Malden coffee cup--limited supply--see below for details.

GREAT GIFT IDEA (for yourself or for others) and a way to help support the Military Museum and Veterans Wall of Honor at Malden MO!

Coffee Cups available for a $13 donation at the Airport Office or can be shipped with a TBD fee.  Mail check to MAAPS,

P O Box 411, Malden, MO  63863.

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Thank you in advance for your support!



We love to welcome back the men and women that trained and worked on the Malden Airbase when it was an active Army Air Base and then an active Air Force Training Facility.

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We are looking for information about the Red Carpet Club that was organized in Malden in the 1950s to host student pilots at the Malden Army Airfield/Anderson Air Activities.  Email information to or call the Malden Airport at 573-276-2279.  Thanks!




Please consider volunteering to assist MAAPS in our efforts to preserve the history of the Malden Airbase and educate the general public about Malden's connection to flight training in the 1940's and 1950's.  Just give us a call at 573-276-2279.  Thanks!


MAAPS (previously a separate non-profit group) has always been supported by the Malden Regional Airport.  In 2013, MAAPS was reorganized as a Steering Committee under the Airport in order to decrease expenses.  A SPECIAL THANK YOU goes out to the Malden Airport Board and the City of Malden for taking this additional action to support MAAPS and the various Volunteers to ensure the continued operation of the Military Museum and the Veterans Wall of Honor. 

Please be sure that we have your current email address.  If you know of others that do not have email, please keep them informed for us!

Please know that you are always welcome at Malden! 
Thank You!


What a great history Malden Army Airfield has!

        The base opened in 1942 in Malden, Missouri, and was operated almost continuously as an aviation training facility until its closing in 1960. During that time, more than 7,000 Americans and NATO personnel received pilot training here. Aviation Cadets, newly-graduated officers and European NATO students took their aviation training at Malden Army Airfield. In 1951, the name would be changed to Malden Air Base. For many, graduation meant additional flight training elsewhere and then overseas assignments during World War II, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War.

Malden Air Base flightline        Dedication to duty was understood during those times. When Uncle Sam called, Americans responded. The construction crews who dedicated themselves to the job at hand and in only six months cleared the land and built the barracks, houses, classrooms, support buildings, hangars and landing fields that would be Malden Army Airfield. The instructors who took their jobs seriously because it could mean the difference between life and death for a pilot in combat. The aircraft mechanics that kept the planes in the air and fixed the things that kept them on the ground. The doctors and nurses who kept the "boys" healthy and the office personnel that made sure everyone got paid. And the men who would come forward and volunteer their very lives in service to their country and enter training to become a pilot.

We salute you all and welcome you back to Malden where, we're sure, you have many memories! The Veteran's Honor Wall on the Malden Industrial Park is built in tribute to all men and women who have, and continue to, serve their country. We invite you to visit the museum which has many photos and momentoes of the former airfield as well as other military service. We hope you enjoy this online salute to you - the Aviation Cadets, officers and civilian employees of Malden Army Airfield!


Malden Army Airfield Preservation Steering Committee
Malden Industrial Park Office
3077 Mitchell Drive
PO Box 411
Malden, Missouri 63863
Phone: 573-276-2279
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